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A Veteran-Owned Business

Trademarks And Copyrights

L.C. Begin & Associates, PLLC, is a law firm in Milford, Michigan, with more than 45 years of combined experience in intellectual property (IP) law and related matters worldwide.

Within the arena of trademarks and copyrights, our services include:

  • Application preparation and filing before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
  • Trademark searches and opinions
  • Trademark prosecution, copyright litigation and related dispute resolution

Litigating And Defending Against Infringement

We have successfully represented plaintiffs in trademark and copyright infringement cases in both state and federal court. We have also represented defendants accused of infringement. In every case, our goal is to settle the dispute in a favorable and cost-effective manner rather than protract the time and expense of litigation.

Handling International Trademark And Copyright Concerns

Our lawyers have handled prosecution all over the globe. We complete all the necessary technical work before partnering with a foreign associate who is registered to practice before that particular country's patent and trademark office. Staying involved in every step of the process, we work hand-in-hand with trusted law firms internationally to achieve the best results we can for our clients.

Our Motivation Springs From Our Clients' Success

At L.C. Begin & Associates, PLLC, we enjoy the variety inherent in our role as IP law attorneys. We are exposed to cutting-edge technology on a daily basis and continually have the opportunity to learn about advances in science.

We also genuinely enjoy working with our clients and collaborating with our foreign associates. In addition, we relish the very challenges that this job brings. We find great satisfaction in successfully protecting our clients' proprietary information, safeguarding their financial interests and promoting their businesses' success.

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