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Licensing, Agreements, Opinions and Due Diligence

At the Milford, Michigan, law firm of L.C. Begin & Associates, PLLC, we provide due diligence analyses and related analyses for clients nationwide. We also offer knowledgeable insight into drafting secure licensing agreements and addressing other intellectual property (IP) issues. In addition, with more than four decades of combined experience in IP law and engineering, our attorneys are respected resources for opinion work in this area.

Drafting Licenses and Agreements

Many clients choose to license their technology. Likewise, if a client discovers he or she is infringing on someone else's technology, he or she may wish to negotiate a valid license instead of defending against infringement litigation.

We can help structure software licenses and royalty agreements, create joint venture agreements, negotiate development agreements, draft nondisclosure agreements and craft other collaborative agreements that promote our clients' business objectives. We also handle contract enforcement and litigation.

Providing Reliable Legal Opinions

Our lawyers have the detailed legal and technological understanding necessary to offer:

  • Clearance opinions
  • Design-around opinions
  • Infringement and noninfringement opinions
  • Patentability opinions
  • Trademark and copyright validity opinions

Determining The True Value of Intellectual Property

We offer due diligence analyses in regard to mergers and acquisitions. Many times, when one company is considering merging with or purchasing another business, it must first ascertain the value of the intellectual property at stake in the transaction.

By meticulously reviewing our client's IP portfolio, we can typically determine the scope of the protection and estimate the value of the proprietary information.

Request a complimentary phone consultation by calling L.C. Begin & Associates, PLLC, at 800-646-2477, or email our Oakland County office.

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